ARMIG-Geodetic Software Package

Geodetic Software Package ARMIG stands for the Automated Geodetic Office Workstation in Russian and offers solution to the most common geodetic problems

ARMIG includes possibilities of all geodetic, topographic and 

          cadastre    software  on  Israeli market.

               You need ARMIG and nothing else!


  • ARMIG processes field data from most of  Field Data Registration Devices, automatically builds geodetic (linear-angular, polygonometry and leveling ) networks, makes least square adjustment, produces data in the format MAPI, draws network schemes for attaching to the cadastre projects (TATSAR).
  • ARMIG produces cadastre projects (TATSAR) according to demands of  MAPI.  
  • ARMIG builds contour lines on up to 1500000 points with the speed of 10000 points per second.

  • ARMIG computes land volumes according to triangles, squares and cross sections, outputs calculation protocols.

  • ARMIG builds longitudinal and cross sections and calculates areas of slopes and ditches along the roads.

  • ARMIG provides automatically supported map drawing in the AutoCAD.

  • ARMIG processes and adjusts by least squares archive cadastre Run and Offset field books ( Analytical Cadastre).

  • ARMIG produces Helmert Least Square Transformation.

  • ARMIG produces transformation from GPS coordinates into ITM and Cassini coordinate systems.

  • ARMIG supports archive of projects  providing the possibility of using data from  previous projects in the current one.

  • ARMIG  makes   Stake Out calculations and transfers it to  Field Data Registrations Devices for  subsequent Stake Out.

  • ARMIG  carries out comparison calculation between design coordinates of points and those computed from as-made survey.

  • ARMIG processes and adjusts by least squares Block Photo Triangulation with full estimation of unknowns - elements of external orientation and coordinates of the link points.

  • ARMIG  makes graduation of reservoirs bottoms and 3d Delaunay triangulation on the


    reservoir scan data for calculation of  volumes.


  • And on top of all ARMIG includes the lisps of Mark Rubinstein providing 100% support of mapping in the AutoCAD for only $200 above the price of ARMIG.

    The price of ARMIG includes in addition to above listed services

  • Installation of ARMIG in the client's office.
  • Free consultations by telephone.
  • Free updates and development from Internet

    ARMIG has almost 30 years history of successful implementation in the former Soviet Union and Israel.

    ARMIG basic function lays in  transformation of the field geodetic observation data: directions, distances, vertical angles and prism heights, coming from field data collectors, into a list of coordinates and elevations of the observed points or into DXF-files of those points for the direct input into AutoCAD or into similar graphical program. Source geodetic data may also be input directly into the Field Data Editor or into corresponding Adjustment Data Editor (triangulation, Leveling, or Polygonometry, etc.).
    The essential feature of such transformation lays in the automatic extraction of geodetic networks from all observations, their least square adjustment, and calculations of the rest of points (topographic points) using adjusted coordinates or elevations of points belonging to the extracted networks. This basic function is supported by the following operations and some of them may be executed independently on entering data manually or from other sources.

    Common to these functions are
    • Table presentation of the geodetic data, easy to read and easy to edit, in most cases in the form of two tables: stations and observations from the current station in the Field Data Editor , runs and offsets from the current line in the Run and offset calculations and so on.
    • ARMIG Data Base , which consists of two dBase tables: list of points and their coordinates X,Y,H , and description of points' topology. Virtually, ARMIG Data Base is a digital presentation of the linear-angular and vertical networks on the current project built as "one to many".

    ARMIG occupies 30 MB of disk memory and works under WINDOWS-95, WINDOWS-98, WINDOWS-2000, WINDOWS-XP and Windows NT.

    ARMIG consists of the calculation and editing modules, which are kept in the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files and manager module ARMIG.EXE, help and reference information is kept in the help files (HLP, CNT). Different calculation modules interact through ARMIG Data Base .

    You can freely update the following dll-s on your ARMIG directory (Only on MS Internet Explorer).

    File Name Description Date Download

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