The contents of the parcels.srv file is distributed in the tables on the above window.
On selecting a line on the upper table Parcels, on the lower table Fronts appear fronts, making boundary of the selected parcel. On clicking the Calculate button appears in non modal form a window, containing detailed data, related to the current parcel.

Example of the parcels.srv file:

PARCEL T1 LAREA=2.018 CAREA=2.018 F645 C96 F6 F633
F496 C75 ;
PARCEL T2 LAREA=2.767 CAREA=2.767 F630 F643 F631 F494
F495 F633 ;
PARCEL T3 LAREA=1.487 CAREA=1.487 F605 F627 F643 F644 ;
PARCEL T4 LAREA=1.584 CAREA=1.584 F629 F505 F504 F605
C95 ;
PARCEL T5 LAREA=1.632 CAREA=1.632 F506 F523 F505 F628 ;
PARCEL T6 LAREA=1.701 CAREA=1.701 F525 F524 F506 F508 ;
PARCEL T7 LAREA=1.702 CAREA=1.702 F620 F636 F617 C91
F646 ;
PARCEL T8 LAREA=1.920 CAREA=1.920 F637 F618 F636 F621
F622 ;
PARCEL T9 LAREA=1.664 CAREA=1.664 F652 C101 F658 F637
F623 F638 ;

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