The contents of the tables.srv
On selecting a line on the upper table, on the lower table appear parcels, on which the current operation is executed.

  • To get source text (Tables.srv) in the text editor, click the Source Text button.
  • Click the View buton to get a picture of the current operation.
  • In Options window you can set Autocad version and text height in Autocad.
  • You can fill up Land Department Header boxes, so they will be used in the report. If you save them, then in the next session they will appear again.
  • Click the Report for the Land Department buton to get report on all operations.

    Example of the tables.srv file:

    UNIFY 1 T1197 A=4.718 T1198 A=43.236 T1199 A=17.094
    T1200 A=22.524 T1201 A=24.145 T1202 A=0.803
    T1203 A=7.834 T1204 A=12.260 T1205 A=11.653
    T1206 A=170.274 T1207 A=13.824 T1208 A=12.052
    T1209 A=78.371 T1210 A=35.336 T1211 A=126.749
    T1212 A=26.520 T1213 A=65.249 T1214 A=5.956
    T1215 A=15.907 T1216 A=4.323 T216 A=698.828 ;
    DIVIDE 2 T1 A=2.018 T2 A=2.767 T3 A=1.487
    T4 A=1.584 T5 A=1.632 T6 A=1.701
    T7 A=1.702 T8 A=1.920 T9 A=1.664
    T10 A=1.361 T11 A=1.616 T12 A=1.667
    T13 A=2.436 T14 A=1.915 T15 A=1.990
    T16 A=2.006 T17 A=1.980 T18 A=1.955
    T19 A=2.844 T20 A=1.709 T21 A=1.895
    T22 A=1.797 T23 A=1.985 T24 A=2.166 ;

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